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Lemon Casting are based in a busy film studio in the heart of Manchester, Lemon are one of the most successful Extras and Casting Agencies in the Northwest and fast becoming the number one supplier of talented Artists, we have been providing Film and Television Extras for well over a decade. We regularly supply Extras, Actors, Voiceovers, and Models for many of the main channels such as the BBC, Granada and Sky

Lemon Casting is still as fresh and vibrant today, as it was when it was first formed , as we have faces of every age, race and style with a broad range of looks, skills and experience, which means we ensure to do our utmost to find the perfect face for every given part. Lemon Casting have offices in london ideal for castings, please take a look at Lemon London site www.lemonlondon.tv  

Andrea McCarthy Casting Director - Steve McCarthy Casting Director

Andrea and Steve have been casting real people with real talent for many years now and have gained a reputation second to none in the Film & Television industry

Alpha Bravo -  Police costumes for hire, Alpha Bravo have been supplying Police uniform to the Film & TV industry for many years

we have hundreds of Police Uniforms to hire and can cater for many productions large or small. We also have a good selection of weapons MP5 Glocks etc we can supply ready to go uniformed Police to all productions. Each artist comes fully equipped with full uniform & Accessories. Alpha Bravo cater for a wide range of professions such as Police, Military, Paramedics, Doctors & Nurses.

Lemon are a well established agency within the Television & Film Industry, gaining excellent recognition for the work we have achieved. Since moving to The Pie Factory at Media City business has been booming with enquires & people wishing to join the Agency.  Lemon are now competing with some of the largest agencies in the North West as we are  a highly respected and reliable company and we offer fast, accurate and imaginative casting. We have excellent standards and thrive on our reliability in making sure all extras get to the correct place on time and with the correct equipment/costume. 

We work closely with production teams, read scripts, meet costume and make-up departments to discuss the production needs and are on call to the AD teams throughout their schedule. One of our achievements this year has been the new ‘'The Crew’ movie by Syndicate Films, in which two of our artists had leading roles. We have had many of our artists on other productions such as 'The Visit', 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and 'Cold Blood', which are filmed right here within the studios in which we are situated. We are therefore able to make sure all our artists are there and doing their job correctly, which has been noticed and much appreciated on many occasions by the production teams.
Lemon are fast becoming the number one agency in the North West as our hardworking team take pride in our company's reputation of reliability, punctuality and professionalism.

Lemon London

Lemon Casting have now been supplying Actors and Film Extras in and around the London area for well over a decade. Lemon London has a vast database of London Extras and Actors and can supply most film & TV Productions with confidence. www.lemonlondon.tv


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Lemon are looking for talented actors/actresses who are ready to take on main roles. To apply to be part of this division please email an impressive CV (inc image) and a showreel of what you can do. Please only apply if you are confident and skilled enough to take on main roles. Email gaby@lemoncasting.co.uk and quote Lemon Actors in the subject. Please note: Not everyone can be accepted into this division

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Alpha Bravo armed response unit for hire

Police uniform hire with Weapons, Qualified Armourers, Police Cars Vans Props for hire. Military costume hire, also Alpha Bravo supply Film extras for the Film & Television industry iReels il& tv production -rectors

Lemon Casting The Sharp Project Studio 14 Thorpe Road Newton Heath Manchester M40 5BJ Office: 0161 205 2096 Mobile: 07723 317 489

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The new talent spotter app is a world stage for talent if you are an Actor, Singer,Model, DJ, Voiceover, film maker etc whatever your talent, you can now be seen by a Global Audience it is free to use the talent spotter just upload them videos, be seen be heard be discovered

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 Andrea McCarthy

 Steve McCarthy 

Andrea McCarthy has been casting for many years for Films, Drama, TV Commercials, Corporates - Music Video etc 

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Lemon Casting had the pleasure to work with  Lethal Bizzle on his new video.We had a fantastic day all the production crew were great to 

work with.  Check out the video